About Rika Watanabe

Game Writer

Narrative Designer

Rika Watanabe is a game writer who was born in Japan but grew up in the Silicon Valley. She feels most “alive” when she brings out the characters’ voices into life, just as they sound in her mind. In addition to narrative writing, Rika is passionate about localization and music.

Rika Watanabe is a queer and avid linguist, writer, musician, and gamer. With her parents being video game enthusiasts, Rika was exposed to Japanese media at a young age, which helped preserve her cultural ties.

In her free time, Rika enjoys creative writing in Japanese, playing her violin, and singing. These creative outlets have helped Rika make connections online to the Japanese minority community, which played an essential role in her path of discovering her sexuality.

In addition to keeping in touch with her native tongues, Rika’s linguistic interests inspired her to study German. Currently working with localizing advertisement content, Rika aspires to create and direct her own colorful and representative games. Drawing inspiration from her favorite works, Rika strongly believes that video games are powerful mediums that can present unique and meaningful experiences, open minds, and empower individuals through immersive narratives.