About Morgan Anderson

Game Artist

Morgan Anderson is a digital designer from Indiana, currently based in Germany.

Morgan – has a background in multimedia art, specializing in 3D design and illustration.

She loves to create, whether it be art or code. Her love for games started as a kid begging her dad for quarters to play Ms. Pacman while watching The Goonies at the Laundromat. She’s been obsessed ever since. She graduated from Indiana University with a BA in Telecomm: Design and Production, with an emphasis in New Media. There she was a member of The Center of Excellence for Women in Tech, hosting workshops on game art and design. She has previously done MoCap animation, concept work, and art direction for student animations and a few Indie Games. In her free time, when not playing Dragon Age or FFXIV, she enjoys working on character grooms, 3D modeling, tinkering with her midi controllers, or painting.