About Amber Williams

Game Artist

Amber ‘Ambrowskii’ Williams was raised in Mississippi and graduated from Memphis College of Art. She is currently a freelance game artist and illustrator, pursuing full-time work in game development. She enjoys working on teams and seeing talents come together.

Amber Nicole Williams is a Freelance Illustrator living in Memphis, Tennessee.

She made her childhood commitment to video games after two realizations: A video game having credits meant that a team of people worked together diligently to create it and that a person could actually go to college to study and train to make video games in the future. She graduated from Memphis College of Art with a Bachelors in Illustration that also allowed the freedom to take classes in digital painting & 3D modeling, sequential narrative, and animation. With various game design skills under her belt, she is creating a black magical girl game, contributing to local game jams and art exhibitions, and regularly selling her own art merchandise. She’s dedicated to creating immersive, thought-provoking narratives while also increasing the positive diversity in games, comics, and art she needed when she was growing up.